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ICT Quality Assurance Services

Our Assurance Service aims at enabling the management to identify measures for improving the strategic/operational relevancy and appropriateness of enterprise ICT resources management. We work together to enable the organisation to understand that quality assurance is valued not only for its compliance with ICT standards but also for its relevance to clients' business as a way of minimising vendor driven ICT development risks.
We have an excellent ICT quality assurance advisory and support service package that includes value for money reviews, tax planning and cost controls packaged to suit the following:
• Government and Public Institutions
• Consultancy and advisory services
• Financial and banking institutions
• Insurance
• Logistics management organisations (clearing agencies etc)
• Training and Research institutions.

How we support you

Strategic Planning: We help you to assess your status, identify your strategic direction, setting a vision, mission and targets and necessary actions. We also help you to identify the most appropriate ways of implementation of strategic interventions using the normal structures, processes and resources or programmed projects.
Strategy Organisation: We help you to identify and assign resources and authority limits in the implementation or changing the scope of the strategy and activities
Strategy Control: We help you to set performance standards, targets, KPIs and framework of decisions reporting, monitoring and evaluation.
Strategy Leadership: We support the management and board of directors to guide the strategy development and implementation and performance monitoring
Strategy Coordination: Strategies are unimplemented or poorly implemented due to lack of effective communication and understanding among the key actors. RS support is to enable removal of strategic ambiguity, promoting effective participation by all key stakeholders and ensuring cohesion in the development and implementation of the strategy. In this we support strategy information education communication plan as part of the strategy management.
Training and Capacity Building support: We also provide training programmes where necessary.