48 Jamhuri Street , 1st Floor Capital Building

QUESTION: Is Sunheralex Consulting a local Tanzanian Company ?
ANSWER: Yes it is a local Tanzanian Company , and it has a branch in DRC operating independent
QUESTION:How Many Branches does Sunheralex Consulting have ?
ANSWER: Sunheralex Consulting have three (3) Branch e.i Tanzania (Dar es salaam) deals with marketing , sales , service and consulting . DRC(Kinshasa) deals with marketing and sales and RSA (Johannesburg) deals with marketing and sales.
QUESTION:Does Sunheralex Consulting Tanzania have branch office other than Dar es salaam
ANSWER : Currently Sunheralex Consulting Tanzania have only office in Dar es salaam , in year 2020 Sunheralex will open office in Dodoma , Arusha , Mwanza , Mbeya and Zanzibar region .

QUESTION: For how long Sunheralex provide data center solutions
ANSWER: Sunheralex provide data center solutions for about 6 years now
QUESTION: Does Sunheralex have experience in data center solutions
ANSWER: Yes , Sunheralex have well certified experience engineer , technicians and sales personnel with experience more than 20 years working with larges technologies company like IBM , HP , DELL and other
QUESTION: Do you support Huawei data center ?
ANSWER: Yes Sunheralex is capable of supporting Huawei data center
QUESTION: How many customers do you support data centers
ANSWER: Total of six customer Sunheralex is supporting now.
QUESTION: Do you provide hosting solutions
ANSWER: Yes we provide hosting solution according to the customer needs
QUESTION: Do you build data center
ANSWER: No we do not build data center we sub contract we building activities , we design , procure assemble , install and configure
QUESTION:Is Sunheralex provide mobile data center
ANSWER: We have data center which are trails and contained in 12m contain block

QUESTION: Does your company do only repair Konika Minolta
ANSWER: No we supply , repair and maintain any photocopier
QUESTION: Is sunheralex Consulting guarantee parts for all photocopies
ANSWER:Yes all parts and consumables comes with one (1) year warrant from manufacture
QUESTION:Does Sunheralex Consulting have photocopy maintenance policy
ANSWER: We have three (3) deploy option , please contact our sales officer
QUESTION: Is Sunheralex sell original consumables
ANSWER: Our company sells original consumables for any Konica Minolta , other brand we stock compatibles , please check our store www.store.sunheralex.com
QUESTION:Do you have technician outside Dar es salaam
ANSWER: Currently we fly our technicians to our customers outside Dar es salaam
QUESTION:Is your company sell HP printer parts
ANSWER: Yes we stock all HP printer parts
QUESTION:Do Sunheralex quarantee compactible tonners
ANSWER: Yes we do guarantee, fo all tonners , we give same or better yield than originals

QUESTION:Do you have open vacancy
ANSWER: No at the moment we do not have open vacancy

QUESTION: Does Sunheralex delivery in all region in Tanzania
ANSWER: Yes we do delivery to anywhere in Dar es salaam we deliver free 10km radius, shipping cost applied to other location
QUESTION:How long my order will take to be processed
ANSWER: Normally after payment is confirmed , it takes 2hrs to process your document depend on contact personnel and address verification
QUESTION: Does Sunheralex have 24/7 helpdesk and 27/7 delivery
ANSWER: We do have 24/7 Helpdesk and we don’t deliver 24/7 we work from 9:00 AM 4:00PM
QUESTION:How do I cancel paid order and return
ANSWER: Normally we charge 20% admin fee for such option returns as well as 20% admin fee for “RETURN AS EXCHANGE AS CORRECTLY SUPPLIED”
QUESTION:How do we handle fault tonners
ANSWER: Fault tonners will be replaced after 24hrs after confirmation