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SUNHERALEX is also an authorised distributor for Katun, CET and other Tonner brands, Consumables and parts. This enables us to effectively and efficiently support our After-Sales support services to printing equipment, stocking spares and manage an enabling infrastructure for its customers.

Our After Sales services contract may be annual /specific years period pre-paid wholly or monthly paid based on number of copies made. These provide customers flexibility on choice of the most appropriate manner of managing the printing costs.


SUNHERALEX has the expertise and experience to manage an enabling infrastructure and applications and run outsourced operations for documentation and printing solutions. SUNEHEALEX’s Managed Services offerings cover the entire array of Printing Solutions; supplies and outsourcing services including networks, hardware, Management Applications (such as Y-soft to support accountability and reporting), business processes management, consumables and spare parts for all make of Multi -Function Printers (MFP). This provides customers the best of both worlds - control and flexibility over printing services for effectiveness of operations, higher savings and Lower/reduced initial Capital outlay
Apart from successful Outright Purchase Supplies to our numerous Customers in Tanzania for our KonicaMinolta brand of MFP machines of which we are acclaimed Distributor in Tanzania. We also offer Managed Printing Services across entire array of Multifunction Printers and related printing accessories and applications (i.e. Kyocera, Ricoh, HP ect ) which is based on leased arrangements contract for specified period as may be agreed with our Client. Where SUNHERALEX provides printing hardware, consumable, parts and labour while the customer pays:
1. Monthly lease instalments,
2. Per Copy costs to cater for maintenance, repairs and consumables.
3. Maintenance and Support Services Contract for outright purchase Customers if applicable
The customer, may wish to take the equipment after Lease period or upgrade to cope with trends in operations or technology where SUNHERALEX would replace with a newer one under a lease arrangement or exchange programmes.